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Bakhoor is a traditional Middle Eastern incense that has been used for centuries to fill a room with its pleasant aroma. It is made from natural ingredients such as gaharu, sandalwood, oudh, and frankincense. The burning of Bakhoor creates an inviting atmosphere in any space, making it perfect for special occasions or just everyday relaxation. Our Bakhoor Collection features a wide variety of fragrances that will transport you to the exotic lands of the Middle East. With its captivating aromas and beautiful packaging, our Bakhoor Collection is sure to be the perfect addition to your home. Adani bakhoor products from Almeri Oud are a combination of ancient art and traditional ancestral recipes made from quality agarwood, traditionally cooked together with natural crystal sugar, gaharu oil, and other natural Arabic fragrances.

Bakhoor Adani Almeri Oud is wholeheartedly made by our artisans in Aden, Yemen. Through this product, Almeri Oud is committed to preserving Yemeni culture in the modern era and provides full support for empowering women’s groups in Yemen through its active involvement in the production process of Typical Yemeni Bakhoor for the Global market.

Bakhoor Adani Almeri Oud has 2 fragrance variants (Arasyi and Fakhir) which are luxurious, aromatic and classic Yemeni. This bakhoor is usually used during formal events such as weddings and is also very suitable for daily relaxation rituals to create a calming atmosphere at your favourite place.

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