To help every individual find their high-quality Oud and unique perfect Oud oil and oud home fragrances.


To create the perfect Oud products by applying our heritage and technical expertise to blend authentic ingredients from the Asia and Arabia.

About us

Almeri Oud was founded by Ahmed Almeri, a visionary man from Yemen with a wealth of knowledge of agarwood and a deep passion for perfumery. Inspired by less-known but wonderful scents of Oud, we travel in time and space, where the oud is the shining star we use for balance and relaxation. We learn about the history of oud and Arabian fragrances, discover the legends and respectfully explore the life we see around us, always taking the time to be amazed by Nature.

Almeri Oud continues to grow and expand the product range offered to customers. In the beginning, we focused on selling our products to the Arab market. Driven by demand and the digital market, over the past 4 years, we have been able to reach a wider international market such as Southeast Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, America, South Korea, and Europe.

We value quality and we try to create fragrances that capture your imagination. Come feel the perfect blend of culture and fragrance for relaxing your mind, body, and soul.


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